Soundtrack Dailies

2021 Music Dailies

In 2021, Flyover Indies hosted two sets of video-game music dailies & compiled each into an EP. I have a few songs on both, although I typically didn't submit all of my songs to the albums.

2018 Music Dailies

In January of 2018 I did another round of video game music dailies, this time as part of a Flyover Indies challenge. Many of these use the NES soundcard emulator FamiTracker, but some were recorded with my Yamaha & drum machine.

Week 1

The first week was less structured than the second. Some of the songs I used FamiTracker, others I just played on my synth. They range from video-game style music to simply instrumental synth pieces. The piece from the 20th is almost a FamiTracker jig. My favorite is the 16th.

Week 2

For the second week, I decided not only to compose exclusively in FamiTracker, but also to use randomly-generated themes. I used a three-column table, and each day I composed a short soundtrack piece for a randomly-generated setting.

    • 1-21-18 - Rough, Spunky Swamp

    • 1-22-18 - Adventurous, Rainy Ship

    • 1-23-18 - Hopeful, Murky Forest

    • 1-24-18 - Perky, Peaceful Plain

    • 1-25-18 - Bright, Warm Palace

    • 1-26-18 - Exciting, Shadowy Desert

    • 1-27-18 - Fierce, Sunny Tundra

Random Environments Table

Random Settings