Pumpkin Tower

Pumpkin Tower is a monument dessert, as intimidating as it is delicious.

There is no fixed recipe, but there are several requirements:

  • Pumpkin Tower shall be a multi-layered, looming monstrosity.
  • It must contain at least one layer of pumpkin dessert (pumpkin bars, pumpkin bread, a whole pumpkin, etc.).
  • Each Pumpkin Tower must be at least one layer taller than the previous.
  • To be official, Pumpkin Tower must be registered and approved by the Pumpkin Tower Consortium (which is just me right now).
  • The Pumpkin Tower Theme should be sung by participants at the slicing ceremony.

Official Ledger of Pumpkin Tower

  1. Created July, 2014 by Kat High. 3 layers: pumpkin bread, brownie, pumpkin bar.
  2. Created November, 2015 by Kat High. 4 layers: pumpkin spice cookie, pumpkin bread, brownie, pumpkin bar.
  3. Created April, 2017 by Erin High. 5 layers: banana nut bread, zucchini pineapple bread, pumpkin bar, beet cocoa cake, apple-carrot cake.
  4. Created April, 2018 by Erin High. 7 layers: Pumpkin bar, carrot cake, applesauce cake, beet cocoa cake, hummingbird cake, chocolate chip pumpkin muffin, brownie.
The Pumpkin Tower Theme

Pumpkin Tower IV: "Rapumpkinzel's Tower"

Pumpkin Tower III: Tower of Fruits and Vegetables