NOTE: Synth-Corona has been succeeded by Pebble, an implementation of the same language in C#, with support for live playback. The Python version is no longer up-to-date, and it will not receive further updates.

A modular programming language for creating chiptunes, from scratch.


Synth-Corona is named after the old Smith-Corona typewriters. The thought was: What if you could sit down and create a whole song just by typing it out?

The result is a code language that encompasses sound synthesis, pattern sequencing, and song arrangement. It is designed to be fully modular, with a variety of operators for soundwave generation, pattern arrangement, randomization, and more.

Visit the GitHub page to learn more/download Synth-Corona, or have a listen to some of these sample tunes!

Synth-Corona uses a monospace setup for piano-roll style sequencing. Sequences can then be combined and arranged using module operations to create complex songs.

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