I'm a little all over the place musically speaking. I write and play scraggly folk songs, tinker with synths and drum machines, and write programs for procedural music. Here's an overview:

  • You can find some of my solo songs below, or at my Bandcamp.

  • Tiny Escalators is my cute folk trio. We released a full album in 2019.

  • Pebble Music Engine is a code language for creating chiptunes that I released in 2021.

  • Every now and then I'll do some daily video-game music challenges with Flyover Indies. I did a similar project called TenEleven back in 2012.

  • Bran is my 2016 side project for glitchy, melodic electronic songs.

  • I'm also working on a computer music project called automusika, where I'm using cellular automata to create songs.

  • Voodoo Music Generator is a program I created that procedurally composes songs for a variety of instruments.

  • In 2014 I secretly created and released 3 short EPs of improvised keyboard music as Wandrer.

"Whatever Wilderness", a Tiny Desk Contest Video

Misc. Soundcloud Tracks