Odd Little World

Odd Little World is a zine-game about building a civilization on a curious little planet! Play solo or with friends and explore the world, discover resources, trade, invent items, and solve problems.

Odd Little World started as my project for Zine Game Jam 2021, I told myself, "I need to keep it simple. Keep the scope small." An hour later, I had decided I wanted to make a whole civilization builder. What could be simpler than that, right?

At the end of the game jam, I had a 22-page half-size zine game, packed with tables and lists, and it was honestly way too complicated to actually play. So I spent the next 3 months overhauling the whole thing, trying to simplify it as much as possible, while still keeping the parts that were quirky and fun.

I managed to condense it all down into a 16-page minizine, and that's what we have today! The gameplay is simple & focuses on exploration and problem solving. It's more story-oriented than strategy-oriented.

I also made a prompt generator program to go along with the game, so instead of writing out prompts and drawing cards, players can pull up the generator on their phones & roll all kinds of odd prompts.