Automusika is an exploration into patterns, tones, and harmonies. Each piece begins with a cellular automaton, created using SumCell. This is then tuned with ImageTuner and computed into sound using a resynthesis program.

It's still a work in progress, but here are a few of the pieces I've created so far.

The image for each track is a selection of the pattern used to create it. Tracks with "Stereo" in the title have been processed with ImageStereoizer.

"23 Stereo" and "21 Stereo" use interlaced phrases applied to each pixel, to add another layer of patterns.

"21 Stereo" is tuned to a scale built on an 18-note octave (I can't remember the steps in the scale, though).

"7 Tnd" uses a long brush and a fast resynth speed (128 pixels/s) to create its plucky, tine-like sound.

"15 Stereo" uses a tri-color (RGB) brush, to create 3 different sounds, which are blended together based on the colors in the pattern.