This site is a collection of projects, ideas, and tinkerings of Nash High.


I've just compiled a bunch of my older music projects into one massive bundle! It's a little over 8 hours of music, spanning more than a decade, and ranging from short chiptune experiments to acoustic pop singles to moody synth tunes to scrappy improv tapes.

This bundle includes most of my releases, with the exception of the two Tiny Escalators albums (to be released separately), and my very first Street Nymphs album (which simply didn't make the cut). So if you're looking for one of my tracks, it may well be in here!

The ZineArranger is a little web tool for zine layouts. It can take a multi-page PDF and arrange it so it can be printed & folded into a variety of sizes of zine! I worked on this in Summer & Fall of 2022. It's free to use & it runs directly in your browser.

I've got a new single out! "how are you?" is my first lyrical song where the instrumentation is entirely coded in my Pebble music engine.

Odd Little World is a 16-page minizine civilization-building game that lets you & your friends explore, settle, and trade in a strange little planet!

I started this idea for KC Zinecon & Flyover Indies' 2021 Zine Game Jam, then polished it up for an official release in January 2022!

Where to now?

If you know what you're looking for, I recommend the top menu. I've tried to keep it organized.

Otherwise, here are some highlights: