This site is a collection of projects, ideas, and tinkerings of Nash High.


For this year's NPR's Tiny Desk Contest, catch me & some friends playing a library-lovin' cowfolk ballad at Kansas City Public Library!

Odd Little World is a 16-page minizine civilization-building game that lets you & your friends explore, settle, and trade in a strange little planet!

I started this idea for KC Zinecon & Flyover Indies' 2021 Zine Game Jam, then polished it up for an official release in January 2022!

Pebble is a completely text-based music editor I've been working on for quite some time--and it's finally launched!

I did procedural music & SFX for this! Read more about the music system here.

Where to now?

If you know what you're looking for, I recommend the top menu. I've tried to keep it organized.

Otherwise, here are some highlights:

  • Tiny Escalators is my band. We play light, tiny folk music. We released our album in 2019, featuring 19 shiny, new recordings!

  • Since 2018 I've also been developing Synth-Corona, an open-source code language for creating chiptunes.

  • The Peculiar Holiday Calendar is a procedurally-generated calendar of unusual holidays.

  • Transmutations is a little puzzle game I released in April 2019, built on a cellular automata.

  • Mort is a tiny webcomic about a bug, released fall of 2018.

  • Wandered Off is a Bitsy game I made last year. It's a daydreamy journey through spacing off. (It takes about 45 minutes to play.)

  • Bran is an electronic music project I did in 2016, exploring the process of songwriting with a drum machine and laptop rather than a guitar and a notebook.