7/1/18 - Lightmo

My goal to wrap up and publish one nearly-finished code project per month is starting off well! I've just released Lightmo, a program I wrote toward the end of 2016. I wanted something to play on my TV while I was working, but I often didn't feel like watching a show. Instead I figured it would be nice to just have the TV light up with different colors, so I created a program to do just that!

When I made this site, there were still a few nagging changes I wanted to make, so I held off on publishing it. This past week I've implemented those changes and added documentation, so Lightmo is all ready to go! It's open source, and there are builds for each platform at the GitHub repository. Check it out!

This month I'm starting work on a video game project for Flyover Indies' SparKCade game jam/showcase. I had worked on it previously, but lost most of my code in a tragic and foolish error, so I'm starting fresh. I'll hopefully pick another old code project to patch up and publish, too, but I haven't decided which one yet.

Take care!


6/22/18 - Website Kickoff, Notes, Plans

The Nash Site is live! I guess you already know that, since you're here. Let me tell you a bit more about it.

The goal of this site is to provide a central hub for my various projects. I'll put whatever I feel like sharing on here--whether it be a meticulously-crafted, major project, or just some silly little thing.

As I was creating the site, I realized that quite a few of my coding projects are just a few steps short of being shareable--typically because I created them without intending to share them, so often they're complete, just not very tidy; or they're functional but not complete! I've made a goal to wrap up one code project each month and get it posted to the site. We'll see how that goes!

That's it for now! Please do explore the site--I imagine you'll find something on here that you didn't know about!